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22 November 2017

A DOCK SHELTER is a seal beatween the warehouse door opening and the truck body to ensure maximum impermeability. Use of the dock shelter prevent penetration of dust, wind, rain, insects and draught. Due to hermeticity stable temperature (warm or cold) keeps in the warehouse. it prevents dramatic temprature change in the premises, what may cause health problems of workers. Use of the Dock Shelter enables loading/unloading at any weather condition. Various standart dock shelter sizes suit for vehicles of any overall dimensions - from small truck to container.

Various types of dock shelters:

- Dock Seal is an economical way to form an air tight seal between the building and trailer. Dock Seal is also available with adjustable head curtain that can be easily positioned by one person from inside the building by means of rope and pulley after the trailer is in position.

- Retractable Dock Shelter is Designed to retract upon impact. Use of rectractable structure prevents damage of the Dock Shelter Construction in case of incorrect parking. This type's collapsible scissor arms are spring loaded, keeping the shelter in a projected position. When compressed by incoming trailer the panels create an air tight seal. Retractable Dock Shelter is very effective where the driveway approach is dificult. A large selection of tough abrasion resistant fabrics makes this unit an excellent long lasting investment.

- Inflatable Dock Shelter is the optimum solution where a fixed frame shelter is not feasible and a variety of different height and width trailers are serviced. Inflatable dock shelter is uniquely designed to provid complate access to the trailer openings. Ideal for problem dock areas such as sloped and difficult driveway approaches. Inflatable dock shelter creates an optimum seal that blocks out foul weather, insects, dust and dirt, while saving moning on energy costs. Inflatable dock shelter help productivity by increasing safety, protecting personnel, product and equipment.